When you are trying to determine whether your home is a smart home or not, you want to take a look at the gadgets that you have installed.


Many people include cameras as part of their security system although it is not compulsory. You may feel more confident in your security measures if you do have cameras to rely on. At one time, they were really only beneficial as an after effect. Meaning if someone did break into your home, their actions could be caught on camera and it could be used to identify them. Now with the advent of internet and technology like smartphones, camera recordings can be transmitted in real time to your device and you can take immediate action.

Motion Sensors

Again, another beneficial security gadget that will alert you when any kind of motion in your home is detected. If your security system is hooked up to a monitoring station, they will be alerted, or if you are automating your system through your smartphone, you will get alerts.

Here are some other benefits:

  • keyless door locks
  • water leak detectors
  • power interruption detectors

Aside from these, there are many voice activated gadgets that really take smart houses to a whole new level. How about speaking to Alexa or Google Home to turn on your lights, or tell you what the weather is? There are so many products now hitting the market that are dubbing themselves as smart house gadgets that it is almost becoming overwhelming, making it difficult to determine where one needs to say this is enough.

If you are developing a smart house then focus on those gadgets that are going to offer you the most value for the price you are paying for them. Make sure they really do serve a need that you have and you are not just buying it because they are nice to have.