When asked about the benefits of smart houses, the common answer is the convenience, security, and energy savings. Looking at these a little closer will help you determine if the investment into the gadgets needed to provide these benefits are really worth the investment.

How Important are the Conveniences?

It really is convenient to be able to unlock your door without having to fumble around for the keys. Beyond this convenience, it really does beef up your security of being able to enter your house quickly, especially if the weather is bad, or if it is dark at night and you are nervous.

How pleasant it is to be able to program your AC. You can also program what channels the kids are allowed to watch which now goes beyond a convenience and gives you the much required parental control.

It’s nice to be able to turn the lights on in any room without having to be there, but this is also a great safety feature. If you have installed some smart house gadgets in your parents home, you can ensure that their lights are turned on as needed which may help to reduce the risk of them entering a dark room to light it.

There are times when you just can’t make it home in time to feed the pets. Using an automated system to do this ensures that your pets are being looked after. This is really more of a necessity than a convenience.

If you happen to be feeling guilty about all the automation that you have installed in your smart house then give some real thought as to just how beneficial these gadgets are above their convenience value. You will find that you have no reason to feel embarrassed about making your smart house a safer place to live.